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Welcome to the Divorce Solutions Group. We are a team of family lawyers, mediators, financial advisors and counsellors who are here to guide you through putting into place future childcare arrangements for your children and your finances upon your intended divorce or separation.

The Divorce Solutions Group is unique in that each of our members bring their own area of expertise to join forces and to work with you in a pro-active way. We promote a non-confrontational and constructive approach to helping you and your former partner through separation or divorce

Together and individually, we are here to assist you to find solutions which are equitable and sustainable to enable you to face your future with a lot more confidence than you are probably feeling right now.

Our Services

The Divorce Solutions Group provides a number of services to assist you through your divorce or seperation:

Collaborative Law group

Collaborative Law

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative Law is different. It allows the parties to work together rather than against each other in a series of round table meetings rather than by letters or court proceedings. The meetings will be supported by lawyers and if the issues require then the meetings could involve other individuals such as mediators, counsellors or financial advisors. It creates a safe environment for the parties with the common goal to reach an agreement. It is underpinned by a pledge not to go to court which is so fundamental to the process, so that if in the unlikely event of a complete breakdown both parties would have to seek a fresh set of solicitors.

Collaborative Law has many benefits compared to a traditional court based approach such as:

Illustraion of Mediation


What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential, constructive and cost-effective process to help couples find workable solutions to disputes which remain unresolved between them. It is a highly efficient alternative to litigation for couples who want to avoid lengthy and expensive battles through the courts and who would rather remain in control of how to manage their future than leaving it to their legal representatives to determine outcomes.

Relationship break-down is a difficult time for separating couples and it may not be easy for you to agree on financial and practical matters especially where children are involved. It may be that you are confused and scared about the practicalities of parenting separately, how the children will cope with the break-up and what future arrangements will be for who they live with and what time they share with each parent, your future finances, division of property and what options might be available to each of you to face the challenges before you.

In the privacy of your structured sessions, your mediator will act in a fair and balanced way to support you and your partner equally. Your mediator will assist you both to establish and maintain a good line of communication, to ensure that each of you gets an equal opportunity to raise issues of concern and to guide you both to find your own workable and sustainable arrangements so that you can face your new future roles with confidence.

Children and Mediation

There are many issues related to children in divorce. To find out how the Divorce Solutions Group can help, please contact us


How Can Counselling Help?

Counselling helps us to improve communication, resolve a crisis and deal with negative behaviour patterns by enabling us to feel heard as we talk in confidence without judgment . A counsellor will help you to regain control over the problem in hand whether you want make changes in your life or just explore your thoughts in more depth.

Sometimes marriages end in divorce which can affect you both in so many ways - perhaps you lack confidence and the future looks scary and bleak. However, as you begin to think about going your separate ways, seeking counselling is an important step in helping you to feel less alone and frightened. At this difficult time, you will be helped to deal with your break-up as smoothly as possible with as little impact on any children involved as you let go of the past and look to the future.

What is a solicitor?

A solicitor is trained in the law and can explain what is needed to obtain a divorce or separation and how to put your agreement into a binding and legally enforceable document. A solicitor can advise you on how a Judge might approach the problem of how to divide assets and provide for your support as well how disputes concerning your children would be dealt with. With this information you can be better informed about likely outcomes when you discuss things with your partner.

Financial Planning illustration

Financial Advice

What is a financial planner?

A financial planner is able to give expert opinion and advice on a range of matters relating to personal finance. In a divorce or separation setting this may include, for example, advice on how best to split pensions or the financial implications of using one asset to offset another. They can help you to understand how to access capital or generate income from different investments, including how tax may affect the net outcome, which can be extremely important when making what are likely to be far reaching decisions. Specialist financial planners can also create structured financial plans for you (using cashflow modelling techniques) to help you come to conclusions about the long term impact of decisions and provide a benchmark against which future progress towards achieving your financial goals can be measured.

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If you would like any further information on the services the Divorce Solutions Group provides or feel that we may be able to assist you through your divorce or separation, please contact us or see our Team page for more details of each of our members.